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Chili and Beckys Big Black Dicking

After a phone call from the neighbors they decide to take the orgy inside. Chilie and Becky has a little fun on the outside deck before taking it to the bedroom! The video is from two different cameras so you do not miss any of the nasty action

Chilie’s first black dick!

Chilie has been wanting it and fantasizing about it, you have been asking for it and wanting to see it and now it is finally here. I asked one of our members to show up a little early for our Xmas party last week and surprise Chilie. Well he did just that and when her saw her in her cool little Santa outfit he could not resist getting her under the Christmas tree and giving her an early Christmas present. Chilie wasted no time, in her normal slut wife fashion, in getting his pants down and her oral around that big black nuts. She gets him to the floor and plants her wet poontang in face as she continues to stroke and hummer that black cock. With Chilie, that my hole can never wait to foot and this time was no exception as she rams that big balls into her beaver from all positions. She ends up on her thighs getting fucked hard from bum and takes a full cumshot pie load on the fine anal and beaver. Chilie really has the time of her life living out her fantasy for big black willy. She takes the guy all the way and really enjoys putting her mouth and then that tight wet poontang all over his balls. From the time she had with this one, I have a feeling we will be seeing a lot more of Chilie with black penis in her semen and slit and hopefully soon the anus too!!!

Used Shave Victoria

My close friends and members had a bj squirting marvelous time inside me and I want you and other new members to cum in me too. You can not realize how much I need to love and fuck men, to be used by my friends. Being a woman that needs several men a day is a blessing but it takes work to keep and active list of men who have the time to make me theirs everyday, I need help managing my lovers please apply if you want to work with me, Cheers Victoria!

Gabby’s members’ area

Welcome to my members area! I hope you enjoy all of my nasty adventures and who knows you could be part of my next adventure. As a member you also get for access to all of the Hottie Wives and a couple of other fine sites make sure to check them out and of course cum crack for my updates!

Ellie’s Beautiful

A few outtakes of Ellie’s life and what she likes to do, showing off her gorgeous young body

Gangbang Gabby

Gabby loved her first black weiner so much she decided that the next thing she wanted was a gangbang, and true to form Deep stroke and the brothers where more then happy to provide her with all the schlong she wanted. This Adventure was her first all black dick gangbnag but something tells me it will not be her last……enjoy Wild Bill

The Bucs Score!

The Eagles go into the second half with a lead but number 69 Double D just blows the Eagles defense away! Double D’s game was on she sees the double penetration cumming and takes every hard hit the Eagles can deliver! Double D is hit hard and ends up on her long legs which leave another opening for the eagles to penetrate. 69 is a team player as she takes it hard in the bi-curious and leaves her Ass open for a second penetration. Dee takes every inch of both players as they try to pound her to a wet cumshot!

After the Eagles saw the DP did not soften the Bucs defense they decided to try a new strategy, DV! As Dee’s female is being pounded by the Eagles biggest player another player slips in from butthole and slides his hard defense in Dee’s sexy wet beaver! Dee let’s out a little moan as two Eagles stretch and fill her vagina with cocks! It is a tight good looking but Dee loves it and when the player on top starts stroking her double filled muff she cums hard!!! The Eagles could tell it might take a lot of hard playing to wear out number 69 as they took turns double teaming Dee’s sweet pussy!!!! Dee finally takes all of the hard Eagles and wears them out as both teams end up exhausted and happy. I hope you enjoy the webcam and this is Dee’s first Double Clit “DV” and she loved it as you can tell from the chatroom and because she does it three times and that’s after a DP. If you and a buddy want to try a DV then Dee is ready to do it again and again!

Mr. DD


Members thank you post

I would like to thank you again for a great time. And for the guys who were there, thanks for making it a great night. And for those of you who were not there you missed a special occasion. Dee was ready and willing for just about anything. We had 2 rounds with her. Round1 lasted about 2 hours then we took a break and usually that’s were these parties end but Dee kept going and we had a second round. I’m sure Dee was sore and I know some of the guys were also, I know I am still sore. Thank you Dee you are a truly attractive woman and Mark thanks for sharing your wife with the guys.

Shaving poontang party

Great shaving party. Five guys and me, first they shaved my my pussy totally bald, and then took turn eating that newly shaved cooter. Of course then they all wanted to use that new nice beaver. And the party was off …. fucking and sucking and fucking and sucking … must have came around 40 times. It was very very fine. Finally had the Cunt Shaving – Gangbang Party and we had a great turnout with loads of fun (cum). Eleven guys and one buff lady attended the party, and my cunt was shaved to everyone’s delight. The shaving was followed by clam eating feast for those devotees of the art. The party lasted from 1pm to 5pm. In the evening there was a followup party from 8pm to 1am, with 12 guys, no extra ladies this time, and two of the guys also attended the daytime party.    

Lola meets a member

Here is a new Adventure from Sexxy Lola….”Lola Meets a Member” One of her recent member sent her an e-mail from the “schedule an appointment link” he sounded interesting and so she meet him………….. In Part II of meet a member Lola pulls the guys pecker out and is surprised to find he has a piercing and decides that this is good enough to lick. In Part III The action starts to heat up as Lola gets down to business with the blow job and gets a little dick ride to boot

Shannon’s tits

Concerning my titties, they may be small but they don’t sag much at all, and they are soft to the touch. Not like the fake kind. You can knead my tits, which of course gets me totally aroused. They are very sensitive. My areoles are brown and also small. I have tight shaved clit, average sized-clit, and I get extremely wet during sex. Believe me, even a guy with a pencil willy will get a major clamp down when I cum. Yes, I am a major clamper. You have to hold on for dear life when I cum, and if you are only partially hard, your dick will be expelled like a high school delinquent. I also have a bad habit of pushing my slit into the face of a woman when I cum. I’m married to a man who allows me to explore my sexuality without any guilt. We are into swinging with other couples with a male and a bisexual female. Oh, we also have had a number of single bi-females as playmates. We are always on the lookout for these sweet women. They are the most prized recruits of all. Our only rule is that we never meet a couple or a sexual orientation without both of us approving it. In other words, I may be oversexed, but I don’t cheat. So I do meet single men with hubby’s approval.

Anus Ready

I have slowly developed an absolute need for Behind Sex! I used to do it three or four times a year with my husband and then progressed to letting and then having other men Lick, Oral sex and Finger my asshole/husband hole. So many men asked to fuck me up my butthole and I love it because I come whenever anyone pushes his prick up my rear so I said ask my husband. He loves to see me come so now I have any man I want to get me Fuck me up the Anal, my super Orgasmic Fuck hole. So come and get me you Booty Fucking Enthusiasts.

Tampa Sperm

I was a little shy at “My First Tampa Ejaculate Party” but I wanted to fuck them all and be a Star for “the Crew”. I eventually fucked everybody accept the black men because I had never done a black man before and the ones at this party had blowjob huge cocks I was afraid I would not be big enough to allow them to really nail me and have a really good time buried in my Lesbian. All the anxiety is over now I fuck those huge cocks all the time now and my labia is bigger than I thought possible. Please come to a party and bury your prick in My big Lips, Cheers Victoria!